Building a Simple Greenhouse Part 1 - Introduction

February 18, 2021

The winters in Maine are cold and long, so for us gardeners it feels like an exceptionally long wait until we can start growing fresh vegetables again. This year we decided to try building a simple greenhouse in the small courtyard we have behind our Portland Maine office and we’d like to show you how we did that using only recycled materials we had around the office/stored in our basement.

 Luckily for us, there was small shed-like building already in the courtyard for us to use as a good base structure, but it definitely required a lot of work to get it ready to house our late winter/early spring garden.

In future installments we'll walk you through the materials we used to seal up our greenhouse, the lighting we selected to supplement when needed, how we power the greenhouse, what our cold season crop will be, what soil and pots we use, as well as steady updates as we watch our garden grow...

Stay tuned!


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