Building a Simple Greenhouse Part 2- Solar Power!

February 24, 2021

With limited options on where to build our greenhouse at our office in Portland Maine, we decided to repurpose an old shed in a courtyard in the back of the property. Unfortunately, even on the sunniest days, this particular area does not get a lot of natural sunlight. In fact, we found it only gets roughly 2 hours of direct sunlight per day, which meant we were going to need a lot of supplemental lighting to assist our grow. Our grow area is going to be roughly 6x8’ so we decided to go with our most powerful LED lighting fixture, the GrowtechX660.

We are fortunate to have our office located in a building that is 100% solar powered with nearly 100 solar panels on the roof. So even though our garden will only be getting 2 hours of natural sunlight per day, the energy for the supplemental light from our 660W fixture will still be fully provided by the sun.


In the next installment we'll go over what type of recycled materials we used to help us secure our simple greenhouse from the elements and unwanted pests...

Stay tuned!


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