Building a Simple Greenhouse Part 3- Materials

March 15, 2021

To begin repurposing an old shed into our greenhouse, we first had to start sealing the structure off. There were a lot of openings leaving it exposed to the elements and to various pests that frequent the courtyard, such as, what seems at times to be an army of squirrels.

As mentioned, we wanted to build our greenhouse entirely from leftover/recycled materials. We scavenged the office, the office basement, and even our homes to find any leftover material that would do the trick. We ended up with the following materials to work with and they worked fantastically. 

- rigid insulation boards

- Old windows from a window replacement project

- Boards removed from wooden pallets we had left over from various inventory shipments to our warehouse

- discarded piece of Plexiglas

 - Leftover pieces of 2X4's discarded from an earlier construction project

- a discarded door

With our basic greenhouse structure now protected from the outside, it's time to hang the light we'll be using for supplementation and setup our control system so we can program light intensity and timers...

Stay Tuned!

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