Building a Simple Greenhouse Part 5- Planting

April 06, 2021

With the weather warming up for us a bit in Portland Maine, we’re now at a pretty good temperature to start planting our cold season crops with night time lows typically in the upper 30’s and daytime highs in the 50’s and 60’s. Our greenhouse has already been equipped with our GrowtechX660 LED light fixture, so whatever our plants can’t get from the sun they will get with this 660W grow light. Our light fixture is equipped with the optional controller giving us the ability to increase lighting on cloudy days and alter our on/off times as the season progresses and we start getting a bit more sun.

We’ve gone ahead and planted spinach and kale seeds to start with. All of which are planted in Coast of Maine’s Stonington blend soil, which we find works fantastically for both cannabis and vegetables. We’ll check back in once our seeds being to sprout up.



We’ll also be starting an indoor herb garden in a 2x4’ tent using one of our lower powered 240W fixtures which we’ll discuss more in future installments.

Stay tuned!


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