Building a Simple Greenhouse Part 6- First Sprouts

April 21, 2021

Despite uneven Maine spring temperatures, we’re still seeing fantastic results in our greenhouse! In addition to the kale and lettuce we planted, we’ve since added tomato and pepper plant starters that will be transferred outside once the temperatures are suitable. With the help of our GrowtechX660 LED fixture providing the needed supplemental light when sunlight is limited, we now have good sized sprouts in just about every container in the greenhouse!

We planted multiple seeds in each planter to ensure we had a sprout in each one. Because of this we do have multiple planters with several sprouts, so we’re going ahead and removing the extras so we only have one per pot. Note that early sprouts can be droopy and lay flat, but with proper lighting and a good watering schedule everything will firm up in no time!

We’re off to a great start, so stay tuned as we keep you updated on the progress of our veggies!


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