LED Grow Lights and True Wattage

August 29, 2017

Many LED grow lights make some amazing claims about their light output and wattage.  These claims remind us of the days when we began manufacturing LED screw in lamps.  LED grow lights should list their true power output through a measurement of watts.  An LED Light might contain many diodes each capable of a specific power output as measured in watts.  For example a fixture with 100 pieces of 3 watt diodes has a potential output of 300 watts.  However, once other factors are considered such as ambient temperature and maximum current, each of those diodes may only be run at 2 watts for a total output of 200 watts – This is the true wattage of the fixture.  Look for the UL or ETL listing on LED grow lights you purchase because these manufacturers have gone through existing testing and are required to list their actual power output. All of Cultivate Tech's LED grow lights are UL or ETL listed and list their TRUE wattage. 

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