Growtech X Series Zigbee Gateway and Controller Package (for use with Growtech X Series only)

Cultivate Tech

  • Using your WiFi signal with the use of the Zigbee gateway, wirelessly controll any Growtech X fixture on any mobile device with the free iLightsIn Pro app.
  • Manually control and set light intensity from 0-100%
  • Program timers as simple as on and off settings, or stack multiple timers to change light intensity throughout the day to mimic a sunrise/sunset cycle.
  • If you own multiple Growtech X fixtures, use the app to sort fixtures into groups to control them simultaneously. 
  • Up to 50 fixtures can be daisy-chained together to be controlled simultaneously with the use of the power connector daisy chain cable and double ended dimming wire daisy chain (each sold separately). 
  • An additional Zigbee Gateway and Controller Package will be needed for each 50 fixtures you will be controlling.


The Zigbee Gateway and Controller package is designed to be used specifically with any Growtech X fixture (cannot be used with original Growtech series fixtures). By connecting the gateway device directly to your router and the controller device into your Growtech X fixture, you can wirelessly control 1-50 Growtech X fixtures from any mobile device with the use of the iLightsIn Pro app


Step 1: Download the iLightsIn Pro application

Apple users:

Android users

Step 2: Connect the Zigbee gateway device directly into your router. 

       Once the gateway detects an internet connection the center light will                turn from red to green. 

Step 3: Plug the dimming output wire of the controller directly into the dimming input wire on your Growtech X fixture.

Step 4: Next, follow the instructions in the included Zigbee gateway manual to connect to the controller and begin controlling your Growtech X fixture wirelessly via any mobile device with the use of the downloaded iLightsIn Pro app. 

Download Zigbee Controller Manual 

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