Growtech X Series Daisy Chain Cables

Cultivate Tech

All Growtech X Series fixtures come equipped with dimming and power connectors on both ends of the fixture. On one end, there is a connector for you to plug in the included power cable and another for you to connect the optional dimming controller to give you access to the fixtures dimming functions. On the other end of the fixture are two more connectors. These allow you to daisy chain multiple fixtures so they can all use the same power source and be dimmed at the same time. These connectors allow for 6" of space between daisy-chained fixtures, which most of the time is plenty. However, in certain grow spaces it is necessary for the fixtures to be spaced further apart which is why we've made the 6' daisy chain cables available. Having the additional 6' between fixtures allows for more design freedom when putting together your grow space.

Note: If you are planning on using your daisy-chained fixtures without the optional gateway/controller dimming system, you would only need to purchase the power cable. If you plan on using the gateway/controller system to dim the fixtures, you would need both the power and dimming cables.

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