Original Series Growtech 160

Cultivate Tech


  • Dimensions: 24″ x 24″ x 3″
  • Actual Wattage: 160W
  • HID Wattage Equivalent: 350-400W
  • Total Diodes: 176
  • Footprint: 2x2' - 3x3' (dependent on hanging height)
  • Input Voltage: 100-270V AC Power Input
  • Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage – Less than 76V DC
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 50,000+ hrs lifetime
  • Passive cooling technology (no fans for longer fixture life)
  • Full Cycle LED Grow Light to be used in both vegetative and flowering stages.
  • Bluetooth controlled dual dimming function with the use of the free Cultivate Tech App allows for fine tuning of the light spectrum during different grow stages. 

Available in: Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Option (red 660nm and white 5000K) or Chlorophyll Spectral Diode Option (full color mix of red 660nm, far red 730nm, blue 450nm, and 5000K white)


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Cultivate Tech’s Growtech 160 is a 2’x2’, 160W, full cycle LED grow light designed to target only the parts of the spectrum your plants need to thrive. At 160 TRUE LED watts, the Growtech160 is the equivalent to approximately 350 HPS or metal halide watts, meaning, Cultivate Tech lights run on about half the wattage of traditional grow lights. Importantly, all Cultivate Tech fixtures have undergone all necessary safety tests and are UL approved to give the grower peace of mind when running their light source 12-24 hrs per day.

With the use of passive cooling technology, Cultivate Tech fixtures produce virtually no heat so no additional air cooling is required for your grow space. This also eliminates the need for additional fans (internal or external), so running a Cultivate Tech fixture will be virtually silent and drastically increase the longevity of the fixture. The lower temperatures from lighting results in an ideal, easier to control grow environment for your plants to flourish in. Without the threat of “leaf burn”, Cultivate Tech fixtures can be placed mere inches from the plant canopy which is ideal for optimal light absorption and necessary for vertical grow application.

With the use of the free Cultivate Tech App complete control of the light spectrum is given to the grower. It can be kept simple with the ‘Veg’ and ‘Flower’ presets, or you can customize the spectrum to your liking. Timers can be programmed to tell the fixture when to turn on and shut off, but also layered to change the spectrum throughout the day to mimic a natural sunrise to sunset day cycle.

Growers armed with Cultivate Tech’s Growtech series fixtures will be able to reduce their electrical consumption, keep their rooms quieter and cooler, and remove the need for additional room control equipment thus simplifying their grow rooms overall and make them much more cost effective. By using the fixtures Bluetooth controlled App, the grower can be assured they will have the right spectrum delivered to their plants in all stages of the grow cycle and be able to select the fixture on/off times without the need for an external manual timer. Most importantly, the grower will experience a significant increase in quality and quantity of their crops.


Growtech 160’s Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Option offers a 50-50 split between 660nm red diodes and full spectrum 5000K white diodes, each color adjustable via the Cultivate Tech App. During the vegetative stage the grower can maximize the full spectrum 5000K white while keeping the reds at bay to encourage robust, leafy growth. During the flowering stage the grower can dial back the whites and introduce more reds which will promote healthy, robust flowering.


Growtech 160’s Chlorophyll Spectral Diode Option is designed to match LED output to chlorophyll A & B absorbance spectrums. Focusing on 450nm blue, 660nm red, 730nm far red, and 5000K white, this is the most efficient diode option as it offers the exact parts of the spectrum your plants need with very little to no waste. During the vegetative stage the blue, white and hyper red dimmer can be maximized to encourage healthy stem and leaf growth without the plant becoming too tall and lanky. During the flowering stage more hyper and far red can be introduced for optimal flowering conditions.  


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