Starter Kit

Cultivate Tech


    • Growtech 160: 160W 2’x2’ LED grow light fixture*
    • Bud Booster™: 40W 2’ supplemental lighting fixture
    • Grow Tent: 32" X 32" X 63" with reflective Mylar interior
    • Soil: Coast Of Maine’s Stonington Blend Growers Mix Soil, 1.5 cubic feet

    *The starter kit Growtech 160 is available with Cultivate Tech’s Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Option (red 660nm and white 5000K) or Chlorophyll Spectral Diode Option (full color mix of red 660nm, far red 730nm, blue 450nm, and 5000K white)


    Cultivate Tech’s Home Grower Starter Kit has everything beginner grower needs to grow 2+ plants indoors. The 160W 2’x2’ Growtech 160 LED grow light is provided as a primary lighting source, while the 2’ 40W Bud Booster is included as a fully water-proof supplemental LED light source to place on the side or directly under your plants. A 1.5 cubic foot bag of potting soil is included in the kit as well. Coast of Maine’s Stonington Blend Growers Mix soil is a high performance “super soil”, a mix developed by Coast of Maine specifically for cannabis growers, amateur and professional alike. Lastly, the kit includes a 32" X 32" X 63" indoor grow tent with plenty of room to grow 2+ plants comfortably. The interior is made with a reflective surface intensifying the light sources providing more light to all angles of your plant


    Growtech 160’s Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Option offers a 50-50 split between 660nm red diodes and full spectrum 5000K white diodes, each color being on a separate dimmer. During the vegetative stage the grower can maximize the full spectrum 5000K white while keeping the reds at bay to encourage robust, leafy growth. During the flowering stage the grower can dial back the whites and introduce more red which will promote healthy flowering.

    Growtech 160’s Chlorophyll Spectral Diode Option is designed to match LED output to chlorophyll A & B absorbance spectrums. Focusing on 450nm blue, 660nm red, 730nm far red, and 5000K white, this is the most efficient diode option as it offers the exact parts of the spectrum your plants need with very little to no waste. During the vegetative stage the blue, white and hyper red dimmer can be maximized to encourage healthy stem and leaf growth without the plant becoming too tall and lanky. During the flowering stage the dimmer controlling the blue, white and red diodes can be dialed down while more 660nm and 730nm red is introduced by increasing output on the alternate dimmer for optimal flowering conditions.